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A little about Gluten Free Preppers…

My family of six (me, hubby, and four boys) live gluten-free.  Yes, we are 100% Gluten Free.  We live a Gluten Free lifestyle.  It was not always easy when we started in 2001.  It is easier for us now and is simply our way of life.

Over the years, we have become firm believers in being self-reliant and prepared for emergencies and disasters which can happen any time of the day or night.  We strive to be ready for what might happen in our neck of the woods.

Why Gluten Free Preppers?

When you combine Gluten Free and being prepared, you get Gluten Free Preppers.

We strive to offer tips, suggestions, product reviews, recipes, and more to help educate you, our reader.

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All thoughts and opinions belong to the owner of Gluten Free Preppers

While every effort is made to include a disclaimer within each applicable blog post, for when it does not, please see our Disclaimer.  We do have guest posters who share their ideas and opinions.  All guest posters are noted at the beginning of a post (either via the author link or a statement).

Again, welcome to Gluten Free Preppers where we live the Gluten Free lifestyle with preparedness in mind.

Please look around and check out the different pages like our Recipes, Blog, and Health Tips.  We are here to help answer your questions about the gluten-free lifestyle as well as how to become more prepared.

To your safe and Gluten Free Prepping!