Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party
Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Disclaimer:  I did not receive any products or compensation for my publishing of this post.  The ballot shown above was provided by SkinnyPop as a fun way to promote watching the Golden Globes with friends.

The 74th Golden Globe Awards Show is upon us.  Since Jimmy Fallon is the host for this year’s show, I may convince my husband to watch it with me.  You can watch it on NBC from 8pm-11pm EST on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

I do not always watch the Golden Globe Awards show.  When I do, I like to watch for my favorite actors, TV shows, and films to win.  (I usually forget to watch the awards show if a football game is on at the same time.)

Have you been paying attention to this year’s nominees?  Who do you want to win?  Which films and TV shows do you consider award worthy?

Ideas for Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Have you ever considered hosting a party to view the Golden Globes? What an interesting idea!

We have friends and family over to watch the football games.  Why not the Golden Globe Awards show?

When I saw SkinnyPop’s fun ballot for the Golden Globe Awards show, I considered hosting a viewing party of my own.

Get Ready for Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party

Brynn at The Domestic Dietitian shares fun (and healthy) recipes for your awards viewing party.  Read more about she plans to Host a Healthy Awards Show Party.

What from Brynn’s post will you be incorporating into your own awards show party?

Your Awards Show Viewing Party – The Final Countdown

First, are you ready to have fun with your friends and family?

In addition to handing out the ballots to your guests, who do you think will score the most points?   Do you know which of your friends pays the most attention to the happenings in Hollywood?

Finally, enjoy the company, refreshments, and the show!

After the Show and Party

So how did hosting your own awards viewing party go?  What was your favorite snack brought by a guest?  Did the guests have fun voting with the SkinnyPop ballots?

Did you enjoy hosting the party?  Are you already planning next year’s event?

Please share your hosting experiences in the comments.  I love hearing how other people entertain and what they choose to serve.


P.S. While this post is tailored to the 2017 Golden Globe Awards Show, the ideas and suggestions for food, activities, and decor can be applied to other award-themed parties or events.

8 thoughts on “Hosting Your Own Awards Viewing Party”

    1. Sharon, I love parties, too! If you decide to do an awards party, I would love to hear how it went! Thanks for visiting! ~Adrienne

  1. What a great idea Adrienne. I can see how are a party like this could be fun.
    When I lived in New York several years ago there was a group of us women who would get together once per month to watch the movie 9 1/2 weeks with Mickie Rourke. Pre botched plastic surgery. lol We all committed to bringing a new woman with us. Some of the newbies became permanent monthly members and the group grew large. It was so much fun sharing delicious dishes and girl talk.

    1. Lydia, thanks so much! Your monthly movie night sounds amazing! What a great way to bond with and make new friends! How long did the group last? You need to write a blog post on it! 🙂 Thank you for visiting! ~Adrienne

    1. Emily, your time around the table with family sounds awesome! Family traditions are so important! Thanks for the visit! ~Adrienne

    1. Kristi, I love meeting new people as well. It’s always fun to become friends with them, too! What is your favorite party food? Mine is chocolate covered strawberries. ~Adrienne

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