The Gluten-Free Way: My Way

The Gluten-Free Way: My Way

The Gluten-Free Way: My Way by Adrienne Z. Milligan and William Maltese
The Gluten-Free Way: My Way by Adrienne Z. Milligan and William Maltese

The Gluten-Free Way:  My Way

I co-authored and published this book with William Maltese.  The book was born out of my family’s lifestyle change to living gluten free in 2001.

After my husband and son stopped eating gluten, a whole new world of preparing food and tastes were opened up for us.  New grains and flours.  New products – some good, some horrible.

Some of my favorite recipes are included in this book.  These recipes are ones we eat often and our company tends to request when visiting.

If you are looking for a list of companies which sell gluten free products or make them, I have added those as well.

Are you looking for information on gluten free support groups?  Maybe you want to learn more about living gluten free?  Check out the list of support groups, as well as websites for further education, included in our book.

Our book is available on in print and for the Kindle.  You can also find our book online at Barnes & Noble for your Nook and in paper format.

If you like to sponsor local businesses, check out our favorite mill (and pick up a copy of our book) when you visit The Country Living Mills online store.

If you are on Facebook, we would love to have you join us on our page for all things relating to our book and gluten free living.  When you visit, please say “Hi!”

What is your favorite gluten free recipe?  Which store do you find the most gluten free products?  How long have you been living gluten free?


Note: The information in the book is current as of the last edit done by the publisher.  If you find something which is incorrect, please list in the comments so I can make a note of it.  Thanks so much!

Amateur Radio Operators are Hams

Amateur Radio Operators are Hams

Some People are Referred to as a “Ham”

Amateur Radio Operators are often called Hams.  To find out more about why the term “Ham” is used, see this explanation including this definition: “Ham: a poor operator; a ‘plug’ (G. M. Dodge; The Telegraph Instructor).”

Amateur Radio is across the Globe

Amateur Radio has a worldwide presence and has been for decades. It is for use in wartime and moments of peace. Amateur Radio allows communication between different time zones, countries, and continents.

Amateur Radio is a life long skill. The process is free to study, free to use (though there is a cost for equipment), and there is no charge to get the license from the FCC.  There is a license exam fee and the current cost is $14-17 in my area. This fee helps offset the cost of exam materials.

Amateur Radio can be a Family Activity

Amateur Radio is fun to do with my family. I have had my Technician license since June 2007. My husband obtained his Technician license in July 2007 and later upgraded to the General class license. His last upgrade was to the Extra class license on 18 October 2011.

Our oldest son took the exam for his Technician class license on October 31, 2009. My oldest and I are studying for the General exam. Our fifteen-year-old passed the Technician exam in 2018 (when he was 14). Our eight-year-old (when he was seven) also attended the class with the then fourteen-year-old. He did not take the exam as he was not ready). He is continuing to study for it as is our youngest, who is seven.

Jonathan on HF Rig Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan Amateur Radio Operators are Hams
Jonathan on HF Rig Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan Amateur Radio Operators are Hams

{The above photo is of my husband, Jonathan (KE7OLE), working on an HF rig at the Mt. Tahoma Technoree during Jamboree On The Air (J.O.T.A.) on October 15, 2011.}

Three Amateur Radio Licenses in the U.S.A.

Each license allows certain bandwidth privileges. Ham radio allows you to talk to a neighbor, a spouse driving on the way home from work during the evening commute, or to talk to others around the world.

Sometimes, Amateur Radio operators are able to talk with an astronaut on the International Space Station. This opportunity is available when the Space Station is overhead and an astronaut is on the radio waves.

Amateur Radio is a sought after way to communicate as Hams offer a way to instant, reliable, and constant form of communication after a disaster. Amateur Radio operators work with FEMA, American Red Cross, AREAS, RACES, and other organizations in the supporting role of providing communication abilities.

Communicating across the Ocean

Here is an example of how Amateur Radio allows communication between people miles apart or even over the ocean.

Recently, my husband was on his HF (High Frequency) rig (another term for radio equipment) and was tuning in to the 15 meters band. He came across an operator that was on the battleship USS Missouri ‘Mighty Mo’ (BB-63)! They were doing a Club event on the HF bandwidths.

Our boys thought it was cool how there were Hams on the USS Missouri. They were excited he was attempting to talk to a Ham operator who was aboard a ship.

When I heard an operator from the KH6BB USS Missouri Battleship Radio Room say, “here on Battleship Missouri in Pearl Harbor,” I was super excited! Why? Years ago, when the USS Missouri was in port at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyards, my family and I were able to go tour it. I have pictures (or my mother does) of me on the vessel as well as the polo shirt that I purchased while onboard.

Here is a close up of the polo showing the 50th Anniversary logo design:

U.S.S. Missouri BB-63 Polo Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan Amateur Radio Operators are Hams
U.S.S. Missouri BB-63 Polo Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan Amateur Radio Operators are Hams

When our family is able to go to Pearl Harbor, I will be sure to schedule with the “Mighty Mo so that my husband, myself, and our boys can visit the Radio Room and use the radio from the USS Missouri.

What’s Your Call Sign?

Do you have your Amateur Radio license? If so, what was your reason for obtaining it? If you have a Ham license from another country, please share. We love talking to Hams around the world!

This was originally on my site. As of March 15, 2016, this post now lives here on Gluten Free Preppers. This post was updated on April 20, 2019.

Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway

Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway

It’s January.  It’s cold in my part of the U.S.  I’m bundled up with gloves, a scarf, and a hoodie or a heavy jacket.  If you do know me, you know how much I love a good mug of hot chocolate (with whip, of course!).

People are still recovering from holiday shopping sprees.  Budgets are tight.  Splurging on yourself is still not an option for many.

You may be wondering why I am part of a giveaway for a Starbucks Gift Card as I don’t drink coffee.  Remember, I do love a big mug of hot chocolate!

When meeting with fellow bloggers and business associates, we often times schedule our visits at one of the many Starbucks in our area.  (Yes, there are many where I live.  Many.)

I know you are all wondering about this awesome Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway.

I know a few people (one of my aunts, a cousin, and my vegan blogger friend in particular) will all be ecstatic to see I have posted this giveaway!

Good luck in the giveaway!  If you do win, please let me know!


Without further ado…on to the Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway!


Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway by
Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway by



I’ve teamed up with some blogger friends to give you the chance to win a prize you’re going to love — a $200 Starbucks Gift Card!

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Picking Apples and Prunes

Picking Applese and Prunes - Aunt with little boys - Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan
Picking Apples and Prunes Aunt with little boys – Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan

Picking Apples and Prunes

While visiting my aunt last week, we drove to her friend’s house to pick apples and prunes in her orchard.

Since my husband and oldest son were on a 50-mile canoe trip with the Scouts, it was me with my younger three boys plus my aunt.

We used a ladder for the fruit higher up in the tree.  Boy did we miss the longer arms and height of my husband and oldest teenager!

The box in the photo above shows some of the apples we picked.

My little boys had a lot of fun.

PIcking Applese and Prunes - Little boys picking prunes - Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan
Picking Apples and Prunes – Little boys picking prunes – Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan


Some of our harvest

This photo shows some of the prunes we picked.

PIcking Apples and Prunes - Prune harvest - Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan
Picking Apples and Prunes – Prune harvest – Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan


After we picked apples and prunes…

We ate some and canned a majority of our harvest.  We made jam and relish.

Have you ever picked apples or prunes or another fruit from an orchard?  Do you have fruit trees?

Please share with our readers.


Motivate Your Child Action Plan

 Motivate Your Child Action Plan {Book review}

Disclaimer graphic for Motivate Your Child Action Plan
Disclaimer graphic for Motivate Your Child Action Plan

Note:  This is a sponsored post.  I was provided a copy of the book, Motivate Your Child Action Plan, and monetary compensation for my time to read the book and write the review.  This post contains affiliate links.  For more details, please see my Disclaimers.  

I have four children.  Four boys.  Since I have had four, I have felt I have most things “parent-child” related under control.

I applied to do the review for Motivate Your Child Action Plan by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN, to see what suggestions might be offered for the “teenage years” which my oldest two are in or will be shortly.

I really appreciate the tone of the authors and how it is more of a workbook for the struggling parent than a “you have been parenting wrong all of these years” approach.  The later type of parenting “guide” really does not set well with me.  In fact, those types of books are the ones I put down never to read again.

I have read Motivate Your Child Action Plan and do plan to read it again and again.  The stories of parents and children alike with their struggles and successes were heartwarming and encouraging.  Each chapter builds on the previous ones and walks you through which steps to take and when – or when not to take.

Since reading this book, I have noticed more of how I act (and react) to my children.  I need to work on myself some and I know Motivate Your Child Action Plan can help me focus on the areas which will benefit myself and my children the most.

I found while reading this book that I started looking back on my own childhood. I began recognizing how things played out versus how they could have played out.  I have also been recalling past situations with my own children to determine how to better our family life in the future.

I look forward to reading this again with each son in mind.  I have put some of the suggestions to practice and they do work!  This motivates me to read this book again to learn more about how I can improve our family.

I know I will be able to pick up this book late at night to search its pages for answers on how to help me Motivate My Child and myself to be more positive and loving.  I guess you could say it is like having a family counselor in the home for those questions you just want some advice on here and there.

I hope you will check out Motivate Your Child Plan and pass this along to those friends and family members who might need some positive parenting encouragement.  This book is available from the book’s website or from Amazon.

Motivate Your Child Action Plan
Motivate Your Child Action Plan

I was happy to provide this book review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.  Receiving the book and monetary compensation did not affect my views of this book or what it offers.